UCA Canterbury Illustration and Animation - Year 3 FinaL Major Project

The Silver Crow 

This project started as a reflection upon nature and memory – capturing the memory of nature within a piece of art by using nature itself as medium. Specifically tying a place, the Isle of Sheppey – my home, to the art.  Quite quickly the project evolved as the world changed. Britain went into lockdown. My locale shrunk to the size of our tiny back yard. In response this sculpture came to life. I started using cyanotype print on found household fabrics such as sheeting and pillowcases, documenting the weather, plants and weeds from the garden pots and between the paved slabs. Over the course of the weeks that passed the prints have been exposed to the sun, cloudy days, a pink super moon and the rain – a visual representation of nature during lockdown.

The Silver Crow is a real silver jackdaw that has been a part of a flock that frequents the area where I have lived for nearly 9 years. She can still be seen flying overhead daily – a metaphor for the freedom that so many of us no longer have. She and the many other animals and insects seem to be thriving while the World takes a breather from humans. The dawn chorus is deafening now, the starlings nesting in my roof are a daily reminder of how the natural world is flourishing and the bees have come back in abundance. And so Silver Crow was born – echoing the feelings of new beginnings, a change of pace, the seasons, time and self-reflection. Part self-portrait, part visual journal of an unprecedented time. Those prints slowly hand stitched into the fabric of her being. A story waiting to be written.

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