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© 2019 by Carmen Wing. 

About me

I am a mixed media illustrator maker who has lived on the Fife and Kent coasts all of my life. I cannot imagine not being near the sea. 

Central to my work are the themes of nature and death. Topics such as folklore, social history, sustainability and mythology all feed into those narratives. 


Experimentation and layering is an instrumental part of what I do. Rural and urban foraging has always been something I've enjoyed. Recently I've been using my found treasures to experiment with sustainable techniques resulting in an addictive organic unpredictability. Current mediums in play include eco-printing, cyanotype, and recycled textiles and textures.

I'm enjoying experimenting with illustrative soft sculpture, mixed media collage, print, paper and stitch. 


An eternal student, I am currently in the third year of studying  Illustration at the University of Creative Arts in Canterbury.